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The Part-Time Press


Photography—Sarah Oden
Art Direction—Hunter Oden
Print Production—The Part-Time Press




The Part-Time Press is a seldom-worked side practice and expression of creative liberty for Hunter Oden of oden.house. As of now, the business is a near-empty Etsy shop with a lot of good intentions.

Work by The Part-Time Press typically breaks from the constraints of commercial graphic design by making use of traditional fine art materials and processes, as well as antiquated (but increasingly popular) printmaking techniques in letterpress.

Graphic Design and branding assets for Hunter Oden of The Part-Time Press, a hand-fed letterpress print shop in Little Rock, Arkansas

{001} An overview of some of the branding assets paired together to make header images for social media accounts.

The Part-Time Press Hand-Fed Letterpress in Little Rock, Arkansas primary logo

{002} The primary logo used for all external branded assets.

Sarah Oden Photographer boutique style business card graphic design and branding

{003} The primary logo in clean vector form.

{004} The current Pantone brand color palette.